Monday, 29 October 2012

“Big Ship” visitor to Belfast, the “Bounty” sinks in Hurricane Sandy

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The Bounty, in Belfast Harbour with the Titanic launch site and the Harland and Wolff crane Goliath, in the background. 

HMS Bounty, the replica ship built in 1962 for the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty", staring Marlon Brando, has sunk off the North Carolina Coast this morning. It also featured in the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean” staring Johnny Depp. The ship, on route from Canada to Florida got into difficulties while trying to skirt around Hurricane Sandy which has caused major disruption on the East Coast of the United States. It is reported that two crew members are missing.

The Bounty was part of the flotilla of “Big Ships” which visited Belfast in 2009.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Ask Not What ...

The World of Odd Bodkins.

AKA Dan ÓNéill. 

ODD BODKINS ON Soñar. Vol. 3 No.4 

Ask Not What ...

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Hugh Daniel O'Neill

Thirty years ago Hugh Daniel O’Neill was described as, “an innovator, a creator and a professional troublemaker” in a Forward to a collection of Odd Bodkins.

For seven years his Odd Bodkins cartoons ran daily in The San Francisco Chronicle and in 350 other newspapers throughout the world. At its peak, the strip had a readership of fifty million.

When he was hired at age 21 —the youngest cartoonist ever hired by a national syndicate— he was given three simple rules: no religion, no politics and no sex in the strip. He did his best to comply — he kept sex out of Odd Bodkins.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ireland’s Banking Collapse – A Watergate Moment?

After requests by the Journal, and other interested parties, through the Freedom of Information Act, for the release of correspondence by former Irish Minister for Finance, the late Brian Lenihan, leading up to Ireland's request for assistance from the EU and the IMF.

The first letter is to:

Olli Rehn
Commissioner on Economic and Monetary Affairs
European Commission

Domonic Strauss-Kahn
Managing Director

Jean-Claude Trichet
European Central Bank

the first letter begins:

"On behalf of the Irish authorities, I am writing to formally apply for financial assistance in the context of a joint EU-IMF programme." ...

Also, a letter to Jean-Claude Trichet, by the Minister, outlining some of the reasons why Ireland would require that assistance.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Abortion debate Intensifies in Ireland.

A major British charity, Marie Stopes International, which offers advice and counselling on sexual and reproductive health, including abortion, opened a centre in Belfast today. The charity, based in over 40 countries with some 400 clinics worldwide is the only organisation in Ireland north or south which offers abortion services.

As part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is not covered by the 1967 Abortion Act of the Westminster Parliament. Abortion in Northern Ireland is permitted, if the health of the mother is endangered, or if her mental health would suffer by continuing the pregnancy to full term.

Abortion in the south of Ireland remains illegal. Thousands of women from Ireland, north and south, travel to England every year to avail of abortion services.

Several hundred people gathered outside the Marie Stopes Clinic in downtown Belfast today to protest the opening of the centre.

The Marie Stopes organisation has requested pro choice supporters not to hold any counter demonstrations at the centre.

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Marie Stopes Protest

I thought I would add this for balance.
This was not taken at this morning's protest.