Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Tall Ships

© Joe ÓNéill 2009
The Bounty Featured in the movies Mutiny on the Bounty and Pirates of the Caribbean

The Bow of the Bounty with the Giant Harland & Wolfe Crane in Background
© Joe ÓNéill 2009

Sightseers viewing the Tall Ship in Belfast harbour
© Joe ÓNéill 2009

The Atlantis from Amsterdam
© Joe ÓNéill 2009

The Belfast Maritime Festival opened today to host the ‘Tall Ships’, which have just completed the Trans Atlantic Challenge sailing race from Halifax to Belfast. The fleet of over 40 sailing ships from around the world, opened for public viewing today in Belfast docklands. The fleet have just completed a voyage of over 2,350 nautical miles, which began on July 20. They last visited the port of Belfast in 1991.

The Festival, which will be from 13-16 August, will conclude with the ships leaving Belfast harbour on Sunday afternoon under full sail to the open ocean.

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