Thursday, 7 May 2009

May Day Parade
Browsing photos of the Belfast May Day Parade which wound its way round downtown Belfast last Saturday afternoon, a few thoughts came to mind.
Bob Doyle RIP
Bob Doyle, the last surviving Irishman who fought in the International Brigades, at a ceremony to unveil Belfast's tribute to members of the brigade, in Writer's Square Belfast, October 2008. Bob passed on in January this year.
© Joe Ó Néill 2009

© Joe Ó Néill 2009

Relatives of Brigade Members at the ceremony.

Link to obituary of Bob Doyle.

If there was an Olympic event for self-delusion the Workers Party would be a candidate for the gold medal. Although I did hear a former member of the Provos remark the other day, "We're all Stickies now".

The 'Socialist Worker' in the center (background) is certainly silver medal material.

Staying with the left side of my brain, where the give credit where credit is due department is, Kudos to Social Democratic and Labour Party candidate in the European elections, Alban Maginness, for remembering what the L in SDLP stands for. He's not the one in the kilt.

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